Team EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques for Teams

Are You and Your Team Successfully Applying Emotional Intelligence (EQ) to Rapidly Grow Your Performance, Productivity and Business?

If not, your competitors who are may be about to overtake you.

Don't worry! Now you can quickly leap ahead to 

  • Rapidly Reduce Stress    * Boost Breakthrough Performance
  • Increase Productivity      * Improve Workplace Wellbeing

Teams and individuals worldwide are now excelling thanks to this simple method to reduce and eliminate common stubborn barriers to excellent performance. 

We focus on achieving better results in the emotional and mental side of your game or business. With greater self, team and customer awareness communications quickly improve. 

At last you can rapidly dissolve disruptive team relationships and communication issues to steadily build the enduring success you deserve. 

Call or Email Today: 01684 566076 - 07912 089231

With Team EFT You and Your team come first every time - whatever your field:

  • Sports
  • Sales and Management
  • Company Boards
  • Staff
  • Emergency and Support Services
  • Therapeutic Teams
  • Teaching and Training Teams
  • Social and Health Care
  • Community Groups
  • Many more...

You can rapidly benefit from the application of Emotional Freedom Technniques - also known as 'Tapping.'



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