What is EFT?

Monday, August 6th, 2012

What is EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques?

It is a simple, gentle and thorough process of stimulating specific points on the skin, used to overcome a range of psychological and physiological problems.

This process, also known as ‘Tapping,’ focuses on removing biochemical/electrical disruptions in the cells, freeing the flow of electrical and positive emotional energy in the body.

It is quick and easy to learn and has been proven to be effective for a whole range of issues that prevent people from being and performing at their best.

With Team EFT, we focus on the mental and emotional aspects of your game, business or life situation. We establish the areas where you or your team are experiencing poor results, ‘tap’ on underlying physiological issues, and help to bring about positive, lasting change to improve your measurable results.

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